Should I Stay Or Go?

As I watched Ami collapse, I tried to wriggle back into the body, before Nick telling me not to. I sighed, and touched his shoulder lightly. I saw Ethan peeking out of his house. He knew. He knew it. I flew out from the crowd, and just infront of him.

The charm hung loosely in his hand. I watched it drop, his mouth open a little. I picked up the charm, and Ethan watched it in horror. I touched his hand, and he let it follow up, and he cupped it. I let it drop into his hand. I rang his phone. He took it out meekly.

Dnt wori, but i think i need 2 show u where i found this. will u cm with me?

He nodded a little. I made myself a little more opaque. Ethan jumped back. I smiled, and he shuddered. I let him follow me, away from the crowd to the park. I pointed to thr park. He nodded, and followed. I led him to the lake, and floated just over where I could see the ghost curled up in the water. I put a finger up, the drifted down to the girl.

"Hello? Come with me a moment." I whispered. She looked up, and floated to her feet. She and I surfaced, and Ethan saw me, but not her. The girl put a finger to her lips, and drifted round Ethan. I gently took the charm from his hand. I dangled it in the air, and put it back into Ethan's hand. The girl put her hands over her face, and floated to sit on the edge of the lake, her legs dangling down, making the water ripple.

Ally appeared. I smiled, and waved. "C'mon, Jade, it's time to go."


"You can leave now." Ally said.

I looked back at the girl. She smiled, swinging her legs, laughing. Her laughter echoed round.

Ethan squeezed the charm, looking around. "Laura?" he whispered. I bit my lip, looking from Ally, streching her hand to me, the girl sitting on the lake, gazing at Ethan, and then to Ethan, looking confused.

"Should I stay or go?"

The End

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