It was hopeless to think she could live again.

Ami had found a house.But there was a problem,it was next to Ethan.She had bought it.all i could think was,is she crazy moving next to him?maybe she still likes him.We had a walk in town and i talked to her about it.

I almost didn't realise she wasn't next to me anymore."Ami?where did you go?"I looked back and she was collapsed on the floor.I rushed back to her,but she wasn't moving,she must have ripped away without meaning to i thought.I knew what that meant,taking a body that was dying would never work,you would be forced out sooner or later.She would have to stay a ghost or leave the world.

I rang jerry as i couldn't think of anyone else to call.I was frantic on the phone and he knew it.I told him that ami had collapsed and ripped out of her body without meaning to,i told him that it was probably the body forcing her out as she did not really belong in it.

10 minutes later jerry was in town where i was with ami.I had managed to clear the crowd by saying she was simply too tired.I could feel jades presence and think she was trying to get back in but couldn't,eventually i spoke"jade i don't think you should try that,it isn't going to work,i'm sorry but you can't take someone elses dying body."

i felt her presence leave the body again and i knew she had stopped and listened to me.i told jerry that ally had probably known this would happen if she tried and she didn't want to put him through her death was hopeless to think she could ever live again,but at least you got ellie.

Since there was nothing i could do about the body i made a show of checkign the pulse then declaring that she was somehow dead.when the crowd gathered again i left silently and went to jullianas house.i was about to knock when she preety much flew out the door  asking where i had been.It was then i realised how much time had passed and that i told julliana i would be there over an hour ago.

I told her all that happened and she listened intently until the part when i told her amis body had forced jade out.julliana then asked"why not before now?"my only guess that made sence was that the body's defence system had been slow acting and that julliana had been ripped out many times already and this was just the final time and it stayed locked.

Then julliana said"why has all this been happening?this little town is nothing out of the ordinary normally,why is it suddenly full of paranormal happenings?"I could not answer that question with anything but"i don't know"Then she fell into me crying and i whispered soothing words to her as she wept.I knew she had been taking this hard and had been trying to hold it in but now she was letting it out.I sat there holding her to me for about 5 minutes.

Then she sat up suddenly,tears still on her face and kissed me.I kissed her back,and for the moment everything was forgotten.We kissed long and hard until jullianas mum called up saying dinner was ready.I asked if i should leave or stay,and julliana said i should stay and eat with her.My stomach growled and i remember i had not eaten since breakfast,9 hours earlier.I accepted the offer and went downstairs leaving julliana a moment to dry up.

The End

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