Why Did It Have To End... -Ellie

What do you do when someone tells you they love you?...Nothing. Because if they love you it's obvious you love them back. 

"I love you too, Jerry." I whispered, pecking his lips sweetly. His phone suddenly buzzed and he squirmed awkwardly into his pocket, looking down at the name on his phone and giving me an apologetic look before flipping it open and answering it. 

It was Nick, and something was wrong.

I bolted upright, and took Jerry's hand as we quickly walked down the hill, and through a canopy of trees where it suddenly opened up to a meadow of flowers, where we stopped and admired it's beauty. 

"I haven't walked this way before..."I whispered, listening to the bubbling of a stream not too far away. Jerry looked up at the glistening sun.

"Me neither." he replied.

"Do you think...Ami could wait? A little bit? I'm sure Nick can take care of her." Jerry looked down at me and grinned, pulling at the back of my waist so our stomachs touched.

"Jerry, I really don't think that's a good idea-" his lips touched mine. And suddenly, everything slowed. I felt for the back of his neck, and pulled him closer too me, letting my hand brush through his thick hair.

He kept his hand on my waist, letting it smoothly rub me occasionally. I smiled as we lay on the grass, and kissed again. I knew this was wrong, and Ami was in trouble, but I just couldn't get away. I breathed and gently let go.

"I really don't think this is a good idea..." I sighed as he pulled me into a kiss again, rolling over so I lay on top of him. I was wondering if I was putting too much weight on him, but that blew out of my mind in seconds. I pulled away and smiled, watching his eyes open, "Ami is in trouble..." I whispered. He pecked my lips once more and let go of me, letting me sit up on the grass and pull a piece of my hair behind my hair.

"Sorry, you're just irresistable," he gave a grin and I blushed, looking away. I stood up along with him and looked over at the meadow. His warm fingers brushed against my chin and pulled my face to make me look at him. I kept my eyes locked on his. "I love you." he murmured softly. I hesitated.

"I love you."

The End

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