Finding A Place

I sighed, sat at Nick's table, thinking. I had seen a house for sale...but it was next door to Ethan. I pulled the credit card I had from my past life from my bag. I had saved and saved, birthday money, pocket money, everything. In total, about 50,000 pounds sat in the bank for me. I sighed, and went otu of the house.

I withdrew all of the money, and went to look at the house. It was quite nice, so I went inside. A load of furnature was there, piled up, un-used. I sighed, and called the house people. One came, and i forked out all my money to him. He nodded telling me that the loan had almost been paid off by the last residents. I sighed as he left.

Things were going to get difficult when Ethan found out who I was, and that I was living next door.

The End

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