after school one day ami didnt come straight home.When i got home i felt really bored.I was thinking of going over to juliannas house when she turns up at my door.I opened it and beckoned her inside.she started off with an apology for how she had acted.she wondered if i could forget about all of it,but i didnt let her finish.I leaned in and kissed her.I pulled away then and said no more craziness ok?it will al be ok,i promise.We kissed again.

Then the doorbell rang,it was ami.she looks shaken and starts stuttering an apology,in my mind im thinking,why is everyone apologising to me.she was apologising about how it was her fault ally had died,i felt sorry for her then,carrying all that guilt around,i tried comforting her,saying it wasnt totaly her fault,love makes you do anything.you loved ethan and he used that.

Then she told me she had ripped from her body as a ghost again and told me what she saw.I was surprised to hear she could still leave the body.

The next day i went to jerrys house.i told him about jade,how she was in amis body.He looked extremely sad for a moment.I knew what he was thinking,why didnt ally do that,why jade?i knew this was tough on him but on the upside he told me how close he and ellie were getting.

The next day in school ami walked into class,then dropped to the floor,i realised she must have ripped away again,i saw her come up to above me adn i saw ally,then she went back to amis body,she mouthed allys here to jerry.I saw jerry look up but i dont think he saw her.he might feel her though.it was then i wondered.what choice would he make,a living look a like,or a dead ghost of who he really loved.I knew he would choose ellie though.Ally would want him to be happy.

The End

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