What, Why, Huh?!- Ally & Ellie


I stood silent, only Jerry could see me. I stood and watched him walk through the halls compacted with people, he stopped dead still when he saw me and grinned.

"Hey Ellie." he said, placing a hand out to put on the small of my bag that went straight threw me. I watched people glance at him because he was talking to thin air. Which he was. I was nothing any more. 

"Be happy, Jerry. With her." he gasped and I watched his eyes go wide and stroked his hand then disappeared. 


"Ellie. I saw her. Maybe i'm crazy now, but I guess that's okay. I know she's there. And that's all I need." Jerry whispered to me as we sat together in a deserted corridor at lunch. It took me a while to take this in. 

"Did she...say anything?" I asked with a sigh of disbelief. He looked out of a window then turned back to me. 

"She said be happy with her." I paused.

"Does she mean...me?"

"I think so." he whispered. "But Ellie. The only problem is...if she's back...I don't know who to love. Her or you." he loved me? 

"I'll-I'll give you time to think about that Jer-Jerry. See you later." I stuttered, picking up my bag and running down the stairs where I stopped and saw Ethan walk out of the principals office, a man standing cautiously behind him, giving me a look with a thousand emotions on. 

The End

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