You're Back!

In science, Ethan was called away. As he was called away, Ellie stood in the doorway. But Ellie was sat with Jerry. I let my body collapse. Everyone began to shout as I ran through them, and to Ally's spirit.

"You're back? How can you be back? You can't return if you left the earth! Were you bound to the earth? After school, come with me, I need to show you something." I said hurriedly, then entered my body again. 

"Are you ok?!?!" came a voice. The teacher was knelt beside me as I drew a sharp breath. Loads of people were crowded round me. I waved then away, an got up, rubbing my aching head. I got back up. Jerry looked at me, while holding Ellie's hand. I mouthed, 'Ally's here!" to him, noding to near the door. He glanced over, and smiled nervously.

The End

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