Ellie & Ally

I felt Jerry tighten his grip on my hand, like something was wrong. I turned my head to look at him and he did the same. I smiled and suddenly he loosened his grip, and that was it. 

Everything was quick then. I seemed to be loosing track of time. I look at my watch, 10:00am, blink, 5:00pm. Everything was so strange..but in a good way.


I came back to see that Jerry had fallen in love with my look-alike. It was rather strange, like I was looking in a mirror of some sort. She didn't see me in that classroom, of course no-one did. I was a little bit of a different soul to Jade. 

I stood in front of them and looked, they were smiling at each other. I smiled. At least Jerry had moved on. I wanted him to do that. He couldn't hold onto me forever, even if we both wanted to. 

It was then that I heard a faint, "Ally?!" and I was swept away like desert dust, and I wasn't there again.

The End

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