Ethan, Ellie, Ami And Akwardness. - Jerry

Lessons with Ethan were very akward. After the note that I assumed was from him, it felt as if something was required. Like I needed to say something to him.
And of course there was still the bitterness from before Ally left.

I held hands with Ellie everytime I was with her in lessons.
It felt good, like after all the tears, and the pain, I was given back something.
I loved Ellie so much, but in some horrible moments, it felt as if I was betraying Ally.
I countered these thoughts with the reasoning that if Ally could tell me anything, she would tell me to be happy.

I felt good for some time.
Everyone was as happy as you could be if your best friend just died.
Nick was with Julianna, I was with Ellie.
Nick confronted me about a day ago, and told me that the new new girl, Ami or whoever she was, was actually Jade come back.
There was a slight bit of bitterness and akwardness between her and I.
Why could she come back, and not Ally?
She didn't like me being with Ellie.
I was still a little shocked about the note thing.
We tried to get along though.

Then, one science lesson, everything was going normally, or as normally as things got now, and then something strange happened.
Ethan was called to the Head's office.
He got up, and wandered off to the office, looking confused.
After he had left, whispered conversations started about why he was called.
My stomach tightened.
What if it was the detective?
What if he said that I told him?
What would happen then?
I tightened my grip on Ellie's hand, and turned to look at her.
She looked back, and smiled at me.
Suddenly everything was alright again.

The End

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