I'm Not Her...I'm Me.

I held onto the front of Jerry's chest after the kiss and smiled through tears. I stopped, and just as he leant in for a kiss again I turned my head away. He looked at me shocked and I let go of his t-shirt.

"What is it?"he whispered, wiping at his face. It pleased me that he was gradually getting over the tears.

"You..."I hesitated, looking away,"You love Ally...you still love her. The only reason you like me is because I look like her." I pushed myself away, putting my gloves on and standing up. He stood up too.

"I didn't say that."he whispered, holding me and looking down at my face.

"You were implying it..."I croaked, steeping back out of his grip.

"But, Ellie that isn't true you know it isn't."

"I don't know it is...I wish it is. You will never get over Ally, Jerry. I'm not her. I'm me. And just because I look like her doesn't mean I am. I'll always be different to her, even by the smallest, insignificant things. I will." he paused, staring at me in shock. "Goodnight, Jerry. And this time...I won't be turning around." I whispered, turning back to my house and walking away without looking back.


I sat on my bed late at night,  staring at my bedroom door. I leant back and closed my eyes, but when I opened them a figure stood in the dark. I moved back on my bed, crawling into the corner and staring at the dark figure. He slowly moved forward so I could see Jerry, his face distraught.

"How did you get in here?!" I shouted at him, sitting up. He smiled crookedly.

"The window..." I paused and looked up at him, shoving the duvet off of me and sitting there awkwardly in only a vest top and underwear. He sat down next to me, playing with my hair and looking out of my window, I curled into a ball.

"Why are you here...Jerry?" I asked, looking up at him.

"Would you like me to go?" he replied, gradually getting up, I snatched at his arm and yanked him back down.

"No. Stay." He smiled again. "But...tell me." I whispered.

"Because...I needed to see you. I wanted to see you. And i'm sorry, about the hill and all. I didn't mean to upset you." he fiddled with my hair again until I slumped down onto my pillow.

He talked to me for hours, about everything. I didn't even mind when he talked about Ally. I leaned over and placed my head on his stomach, yawning and cuddling up to him, falling asleep to the sound of his voice and the feeling of his soft, cool fingers touching my hair.

The End

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