Ethan And The Urge To Tell

I walked down the stairs, and saw Nick and Jules. They were both talking about me. I sighed, and shouted through, "I'm going out for a bit!" I opened the door, and walked out, touching the charm in my pocket. I knew my destination. I walked quickly, sadness, confusion and other emotions gripping my mind. I was there before I realized. I stood at the end of the path that led to Ethan's house. I bit my lip. Was this a good idea? I asked myself. I shook my head, making my hair fall over my face. I knocked on the door. I smilled sweetly as Ethan's mother opened the door.

"Is Ethan in? I want to talk to him for a bit. I'm..his classmate." I said. She smiled slightly, went back in, leaving the door open. Ethan came down the stairs. e looked confused that I was here.

"'re the nem girl, right? How did you know where I lived?" he asked in a low voice. I giggled, and gave a little shrug.

"I know things...better than most. Really, you wouldn't believe these past few weeks." I said. Ethan gave a snort. I hid a smile. He stepped out, and closed the door.

"Ok, spill. How did you know where I lived?" he said, crossing his arms. I desperatly wanted to tell him. I bit my lip.

"I...must have heard from someone. But anyway, I think this belongs to you, if I'm not mistaken?" I said, dangling the charm infront of his eyes. His eyes opened wide, and he snatched at the charm, studying it. "How...who are you?!" he said. I gave a gentle smile.

"Ethan, I...know things about you...that you wouldn't belive I knew. Putting it simply, you have a dark secret I know, and I have a dark secret that you want to know. Ring any bells?" I sid, grasping. Ethan looked even more confused, but now a slight bit worried.

A tear appeared in his eye. "Who are you?! What are you?!" he asked. The tear began to slid. He looked down. I put a finger under his chin. He looked into my eyes, slightly pained. I kissed the tear, salt on my lips now. I leaned to his ear now. "Ethan, what would Laura think of you now, I wonder? What if she knew? Hmm? Don't look so confused. You can't see it in here, before you know  in here who I am." I whispered, pulling away, pointed first to his temple, then placing my hand on his heart. "Mai, le regard des dieux sur vous. Vous allez en avoir besoin." I said softly, yet with a hint of threat, before leaving. He opened the door, went in, glanced over his shoulder, shuddered, and closed the door. I realized tht I still had feelings for him.

(Translation from French to English: May the gods watch over you. You will need it.)

The End

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