New Ally - Jerry

It was saturday afternoon, and I was bored out of my mind. I had already gone down to the hill four times, since two and Ellie wasn't there.
I had called Nick and everyone else, but either their phone's were off, or they were out.
I decided to go down to Ellie's.
I shouted to my parents that I was going out, put one blue trainer, and one red mock converse on, as I couldn't be bothered to find matching ones.
I walked out of the door, and headed down to Ellie's house.
I knew exactly where it was.
After a short walk, I found myself standing outside her door.
I took a deep breath, raised my hand, and dropped it.
"Come on, Jerry."
I knocked.
After a few seconds of tension, I heard footsteps, and Ally's look alike opened the door. She was dressed in a faded yellow tee shirt, and jeans.
"Jerry?" She said.
"Umm, hey Ellie." I waved at her, then wondered what I was doing with my hand, and dropped it. I felt stupid, but at least it drew a giggle from her lips.
"I was bored, and umm, I decided to come over here." I said, and shuffled a bit.
"Well, my parents are out, so do you want to...?" She pulled the door a bit wider, and invited me in with her hands. I stepped inside her house, for the first time.
She shut the door behind me, and I took off my coat.
"Where should I put this?" I asked, and looked around.
She pointed to a pile of coats, next to the door.
"Just chuck it on there."
I obliged.
"Well," She clapped her hands. "Now what?"
A short akward silence ensued.
"You could show me round your house? I've never been in here before."
"Good idea!"
As she showed me around her house, I just thought about everything again.
About Ally. About her.
About love. About death.
"And  this, this is my bedroom." She concluded, as we entered a blue room, with a bed oppisite the door. My head jerked upwards.
"Wha? Sorry, I was..." I closed my eyes, "Miles away" I felt myself falling backwards, and I quickly snap my eyes, open, and stop myself from falling by catching the door frame. A look of terror must have passed over my face, as Ellie fell over laughing. Tears streamed down her face, and pretty soon her laughter started me off, and we were both lying on the floor crying with laughter at each other.
After about fifteen minutes, the laughter died down a little bit, but then I snorted, and that both set us off again.
After a very long time, we both recovered, and got up.
"I think I peed myself." Ellie said.
I fell over laughing again. Ellie grabbed some black trousers from a wardrobe next to her bed, and waddled off to the bathroom.
"Be right back!" She called over her shoulder.
I got up after a short while, and wandered around her room.
It was a very pretty room.
I sat down on her bed, and waited for her to return.
She wandered back into the room, and sat down next to me.
We sat in silence for a few seconds.
"What did you mean when you said 'miles away'?" She asked me.
I sighed.
"I was thinking again. About... stuff."
I turned to face her.
"Help me please. I need you" I pleaded.
"I'm here."
I fell onto her shoulder, and started to cry again.
She stroked my hair.
"I'm here. It's ok, Jerry." She kept repeating these two simple sentences and after a a few minutes, I calmed down, and lifted myself up.
"I look shocking." I said.
"No you don't, you look... Yeah you do actually" She smiled.
"Where's the bathroom?" I asked her, as I wiped my face, and got up.
"Down the landing, last door on the left."
I followed her directions, and soon enough I was washing my face in the white sink.
I finished, dried my face, looked at myself in the mirror, guessed I looked decent, and rejoined Ellie in her room. She was still sitting on the bed.
She looked exactly like Ally, and my heart twinged.
She looked up at me.
"You look better" She smiled.
I guess that was the moment I knew.
I had fallen in love with the new Ally.

The rest of that afternoon passed in a blur, until about six. We were sitting on our hill, talking, and then suddenly sadness overcame me.
"Ellie, it hurts again." I said.
I turned, and saw that she had tears in her eyes as well.
"Me too."
We both just fell on each other then, crying our hearts out.
"I just can't! I can't." I sobbed. There was a faint whisper above us.
"I can't either. Promise you'll be with me and help me?" She sobbed back at me.
"I" sob. "Promise, Ellie. I promise." We decended into tears again.
The whisper carried on, and faded away into the distance.
Finally, after a few minutes of tears, we both sat up, tears still streaming down our faces, but we could talk coherently again.
"Ellie, I..."
She put a finger to my lips, to tell me to be silent.
After the tears, it felt like all the stuff getting in the way had been ripped apart.
There was about five seconds of silence, then we both moved at the same time.
We both closed our eyes, tears streaking down our faces, and our lips touched, and moved, in a perfect kiss.
A thought passed through my head as we kissed.
Why am I doing this? This is not good!
I pushed the bad thoughts, away, and concentrated on the kiss.
Ellie was a very good kisser.
The kiss lasted for about five minutes, then we broke away.
Silence for a short time, while we just stared at each other.
She looked and sounded just like Ally.
Just like Ally.
I had found a new Ally.

We fell into each others arms, and cried, once more.

The End

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