Ripping Away

I didn't go back to Nick's straight after school. I went to a little field behind the school. I had made a little den when I was Jade. I crawled inside it, and lay back. Then, it happened. Pain surged through me, and I heard a tiny ripping sound. I gave a little cry, then was silent. The soul ad come out from the body. I grinned. I checked that I could get back in. I twitched my fingers, then left the body again. I flew out over the town, looking down. Something caught my attention. Ellie throwing herself onto Jerry.

I growled. I went down. Both had tears in thier eyes, and were both embracing. I gave another growl, to which Ellie looked up. She subsided it to the wind, and carried on holding him. I gave a 'hmmph', and left. I went back inside my body, and sat up. I got out from the den, and grabbed my bag. I grumbled to myself all te way back to Nick's house.

I saw him sat embraced with Jules, and I crept up the stairs without being noticed. I laid down, and buried my face into the white pillow, and began to cry. A few minutes later, a knock came at the door. I wiped the tears away. "Hello?" I choked out. Nick poked his head round the door, followed by Jules. They both came in.

"What's up?" said Nick. I shook my head. Jules seemed to feel sorry for me. She sat next to Nick. Fresh tears came to my eyes. "I-I-I'm sorry, it's just, A-Ally migt be alive i-if not for me-e-e-e, and I j-just saw Jerry-y-y-y-y-y. He was w-with that new girl E-Ellie. Hugging and c-crying. I just felt s-s-s-so sad, since Ally was torn away f-from Jerry, and now that girl c-comes, and he seems to have got over Ally, since Ellie l-l-looks and t-talks and l-laughs just like her. It's all-l-l-l my fault!!" I cried out, holding the pillow to my chest, and crying into my arm.

"How did you see them?" said Jules, moving closer to Nick. I explained how I had been ripped from the body. Nick looked so sad for me,as well as Jules. The irony of it. I get ripped away from my body, and Ally get ripped from hers and from Jerry. I'm thankful she's not here. She would be bound forever if she saw that. Then, I thought of Ethan. He had felt loss. So had I though. Jerry, Ethan and I had all had a love that had dies now.

Nick left the room, but Jules lingered She was looking at the charm bracelet. She fished something out if her pocket, and fumbled with the bracelet. She tied the tiny silver squiggle round my wrist with a piece of leather. She smiled, and left after that. I looked down at it, and smiled. I laid down, and left my body again. I found the lake in the park, and dove in. I went right to the bottom, and curled up there, thinking. Something caught my eye. Another spirit. nd something shining beside her. I swam (?) over, and picked up the silver thing. She looked up from her hands, and looked right into my eyes. She was beautiful. She put her face back into her hands. I picked up the shiney thing, not stopping to look at it. I flew back to Nick's house, dropped the silver thing on the floor, and returned to the body. I got up, and picked up the silver thing.

It was a little charm, fo a bag or phone maybe. It had and E and an L linked together.The E had an emerald on, and the L had a ruby. They were real too. They were pretty. I dried it by patting my jumper around it. I slipped it into my pocket, and frowned. That spirit...who had it been? I felt that she and the charm were related.....

The End

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