It'll all be ok...I promise

He wasn't lying.

I don't know how to explain it, but when I saw Ami the next day I just knew. Of course I was still doubtful; this went against everything I believed in, but...

It really was Jade.

Things were awkward at school for a while. I felt pretty bad for thinking Nick would cheat on me, and it was incredibly hard getting used to the idea of Jade still being alive, well, sort of. To be honest that wasn't the only problem I had with the situation. Even knowing it was Jade I wasn't comfortable. Was I the only one who rememebered that she sold us out? Was I the only one who thought about the fact that maybe, if it wasn't for her involvment, Ally might've still been alive...

It all got a bit hard to cope with, and I noticed that I wasn't the only one struggling to get through the day either. Ellie got pretty distant after a while, maybe it was the constant stares, or the fact that we were all far too wrapped up in our own personal dramas to pay much attention to her, but after a while she even stopped turning up to school. That's when I went to visit her.

I think she was surprised to see me.

We talked for ages, I even told her about the whole Jade thing. And I really started feeling better, until I told her about Jerry.

"Why would Jerry be wondering where I am? He barely knows I exist any more... none of you do."

It stung a little to hear this, afterall, hadn't I come to see if she was ok? I didn't blame her though, we all had been pretty hard to reach lately. I left shortly after that, thinking about everything we had talked about. I ended up outside Nick's door. I think I was lucky because Ami wasn't there.

"Can I come in?"

Nick looked at me. He seemed a little unsure of himself, but he nodded. When we got to his bedroom I sat on the edge of his bed, staring at the floor. Neither of us spoke for a while and I just sat there, waiting for him to relax. Eventually I felt the mattress springs sigh, and a familiar arm was around my shoulders.

"Nick, I..."

I cursed myself for dragging this out...what must he be thinking? I looked at him and saw a flash of fear in his eyes.

"I'm sorry" I whispered.

It was as though he was a child, and I had just informed him there was no monster under the bed all along. The fear was gone almost instantly. I swore to myself then I would never let it be there again.

"I'm sorry for this week..." I said a little louder, " I know I've been a little off,"

He laughed then, " a little?"

"ok a lot" I smiled, "I'm ok now though, and I thought maybe...would we be able to forget about all of this and..."

He didn't let me finish my sentence. His lips were soft, and I melted into them like butter. When he pulled away his eyes were serious.

"What?" I asked.

"No more craziness ok?"

I smiled, unsure whether he was joking. He raised his eyebrows a little. 

"It'll all be ok now...I promise"

He smiled and kissed me again.


The End

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