I Want To Be Somebody's Ally...

I paused after laughing with Jerry. He looked down at me.

"You like this hill don't you?" I smiled and he nodded with a grin, "You know...this could be our hill...if you want?" he paused.

"I'd like that." there was a long silence held between us.

"I thought you didn't like me...you know because you weren't speaking to me very much...was it because so many people were looking at me and that attracted you? Or...did I do something wrong?" I asked, looking down at my shoes and pulling my legs to my chest.

"All-Ellie, you didn't do anything wrong." I looked up at him.

"My names Ellie, Jerry. I'm Ellie not Ally." I glanced up at the moon and he continued to stare at me, waiting. I kept my eyes off of him, "You know, I'd like to be someone's Ally. For once." tears welled in my eyes as I stood up. "Have a nice night." I croacked through tears as I began to walk down the hill home. 

"Wait! Ellie!" I ignored him. "Please, come back! Ellie!" I shook my head and carried on walking, then when I turned to look back at him, he was closer to me than I'd thought. He stood a good ten centimetres away. I paused.

"May I?" I whispered, he smiled and nodded. I charged into him and hugged him, crying and crying. He walked me back up to the windmill, and I cried into him for what felt like forever. 

I wanted to be someone's Ally. I wanted someone to love me too.

The End

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