Laugh - Jerry

I sat on the hill.
It was very windy, today.
The wind played with my hair and I just sat thinking about Ally and Ellie.
Ellie hadn't been at school recently. The day I was going to talk to her again, she disapeared.
I had asked everyone whether they knew what had happened to her.
No one knew.
Once or twice, I had gone up to her house, to knock on the door, and talk to her, but, I had lost my nerve.
My thoughts returned to Ally again. I smiled as I remembered all the stupid things we had done together, every joke I told her, all the times we got into trouble together.
I shuddered as I remembered the bad times. The times we had hurt Ethan. The times my jokes had gone wrong. The akward times people had asked whether we were dating.
And finally, I remembered her laugh.
As I remembered it in it's perfect detail, tears streamed down my cheeks once more, and sobs escaped my lips.
As I sat there, sobbing and remembering, an arm fell around my shoulders.
I looked up, through my tears, and for a split second, I thought Ally was there, returned just through my tears, but then I wiped them away, and realised it couldn't be. She had... Gone.
It was Ellie.
I wiped my tears away.
"Hey Ellie." I managed.
"You ok?"
"Not really," Sob.  "but I will be ok soon enough."
"Alright then."
I tried hard to control my tears, and sobs.
After a minute or so, I succeded.
"I know you are probably really tired of people saying this, but you look and sound excatly like Ally."
She sighed.
"Yeah, I know."
There was an akward silence.
"School hasn't been good for you recently has it?" I asked.
"Hmm, you must be getting bored of all the stares."
"Come to school, I promise I won't ignore you or anything." I plead her.
Another sigh.
"Oh ok then."
"Yay, I won't be so much of a loner." I forced a grin at her.
She giggled.
It sounded exactly like Ally's old laugh.
My jaw almost dropped, but I stopped myself, and decided to experiment.
I told my very best joke, and watched her pee herself laughing.
Laughing just like Ally.
I felt tears, welling up behind my eyes, but I pushed them away.
I was going to be happy now.
I had found Ally again.

The End

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