I watched Ethan in class, he was the only person who had spoken to me in weeks. He looked back at me, and I quickly looked up at the board, copying down what it said. I waited until he stopped looking at me and glanced back at him. 

He was like some sort of magnet. It was strange. 

After no talking from anyone, I stopped going to school. I wasn't ill, but the old torch on a thermometer always works. I couldn't make myself go to school, no-one was speaking to me and I'd just look weird if I was all alone by myself. 

After a fue days of 'illness', Julianna came to visit me. I really wasn't expecting her, I really wasn't expecting anyone in general.

We talked for hours, she was saying that Jerry was wondering where I was. She said Ethan kept looking at my empty seat in English, and she told me about the other new girl Ami and how Nick had said Ami had Jade's soul inside her. Jade was Julianna's old friend. I paused after she'd finished.

"Why would Jerry be wondering where I am? He barely knows I exist any more... none of you do."

The End

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