I walked in to English after the assembly to see the new girl- Ellie- as she sat down in my seat -my seat! I always sat there, in the back. Where I could see everyone.

I approached her and cleared my throat. "Um...that's my seat."

She looked up at me, and I was stunned to see that she looked exactly like Ally Prior. I'd heard some whispers in the hall that she might be Ally reincarnate, but I hadn't believed them. But now, looking into those eyes...those eyes. "Is there assigned seating?"

I blinked, trying to shake off the shock. "Well, no, but-"

She cut me off and gestured toward the front. "Why don't you take one of those?" she asked, with an innocent smile.

"I- I don't like sitting up front," I replied weakly.

"Me neither." She shook her hair back, just like Ally used to do, and ignored me.

I blinked again. She doesn't just look like Ally, she is exactly like her. I wonder how Jerry must feel... The thought of Jerry filled me with terrible guilt. I straightened up and moved toward the front, edging gingerly into a seat near the teacher's desk. From now on, I decided, I am going to be as nice to Ally- I mean, Ellie- as I can possibly be.

Looking back, I suppose it was a way to try and make right what I had done wrong, to try and fix all the damage I had done. But that kind of damage is irreparable.

The End

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