Author Guidance 2


Ethan Madrago (written by Tigerwolf)

  • 19 years of age. 
  • He is nice-looking, blonde, has green eyes and dusty freckles. 
  • He mostly wears jeans, hoodies, t-shirts, converses etc. 
  • He's a really great actor and will go on to become famous but has a nervous breakdown. 
  • He has mental issues and keeps to himself a lot. 
  • Is currently in English after talking to Ellie.

Jerry Johnson (written by Misfit)

  • 15 years old
  •  Nickname 'Jerry The Joker' by Ally. 
  • His birthday is one week after Ally's.
  •  Tall with long light brown hair and dark deep brown eyes. He has light pale skin which makes him burn easily in the sun. 
  • Jerry mostly wears colourful clothing, quite vibrant, it even goes down to his socks. 
  • He's very quick witted, a bit of a joker but very bright and messes around. Jerry is kind and doesn't care what people think of him apart from Ally which he likes a lot. 
  • He used to be bullied. 
  • Is currently in English.

Eleanor Fundle (written by Hummingbird- me)

  • 15, nearly 16. 
  • She has wavy brown hair, dark green eyes and is olive skinned. 
  • She is wearing at the moment jeans, t-shirt, jacket, gloves, scarf etc. 
  • She is quite friendly and smart. 
  • Is currently in English after talking to Ethan.

Jullianna Stone pretty name <3 (written by SomebodysAngel)

  • Is 16. 
  • She is had mid-length hair, surprisingly blue eyes and is far skinned. 
  • Wears quite plain 'everyday' clothes, t-shirt, jeans etc and a pair of "loved to death" Converses. 
  • She is quiet, but also smart and nice. She can be sometimes a little socially awkward but is very observant for it. She takes almost everything to heart but is generally happy and always means well, knows Ally from school.
  • Is currently in English with Jerry, Ellie, Ethan, Jade (Ami) and Nick.

Detective Greg Alder (written by GeorgiaAmanda)

  • Is a detective aged 38. 
  • He has shortish brown hair with loose curls- enough to look messy most of the time. He often has a thin layer of stubble from lack of time/effort to shave.
  •  Greg is quite handsome, although has the tendency to look very haggard or tired, presumably from too much work? 
  • Usually wears a 3-piece suit, no tie and a duffel coat. 
  • He is divorced and has a young daughter who doesn't live with him. 
  • Current area is in the principals office talking about Ally Prior's death.

Miss Rowe (written by Anna)

  • Is a teacher of Ally who was one of her favourite students. 
  • She has black hair and black glasses for reading. 
  • Quite young and fairly pretty, Miss Rowe is easy for kids to talk to and has a degree in psycology that means she doubles up as the schools councillor. 
  • She saw Ally Prior's murderer running away from the station but cannot come forward because people would find out what she was doing on the complete otherside of town to where she lived.
  • Currently teaching English.

Nick Stone (written by SeanDF)

  • Is 15 years old. 
  • He has medium length brown hair that has blonde streaks through the middle. He has deep green eyes with a tinge of brown with average facial features including a full set of white teeth. 
  • He does not do science but goes to the same school as Ally and is her neighbour. 
  • His style of clothes is casual and includes jeans,shirt etc. 
  • He is quite social,but doesnt like to talk about his past because his parents divorced and he won't say why. 
  • He has a step mother and is popular with the girls.
  • Is Currently in English with Ellie, Ami (Jade), Jerry, Julianna and Ethan.

Amy Prior (written by RoseKathryns)

  • Is 18 and Ally's sister. 
  • She has jade green eyes, long pin straight black hair (dyed) with front bangs and olive skin. 
  • She wears skinny jeans and band T-shirts with her favourite leather jacket and converses. 
  • Very friendly, very intelligent, and very sympathetic. 
  • Wants to go to University for Greek.Roman Studies.
  • Current area unkown.

Ami De Flue (written by UberEvilAngel)

  • Is 15.
  • Current looks- unknown
  • Current clothing- unknown
  • Friendly, new, pretty, inteligent.
  • Has the spirit of Jade's inside of her, Jade was poisoned.
  • Is Currently in English with Jerry, Ethan, Julianna, Ellie and Nick.
The End

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