After Nick brought me to his house, and explained the situation to his mum, she agreed to letting me stay. I smiled, hoisted my school bag a little higher, and went to the spare room. I leaned on the window ledge, and smiled. Then, my head began to spin. Something was...different about this body. Why had Ami's spirit said good riddance when she left? Was she trying to kill herself?

I laid down, and stared at the ceiling. Then, something moved outside the window. I glanced over. I lokked back at the ceiling. My heart rate quickened. I stood, and a face was staring at me through the window. I almost screamed. It was a lot different seeing a ghost in a humn body, and nt being one yourself. The face vanished. I looked out the window. I watched s a few spirits walked the streets, bound to the earth, bound to people. I noticed a young man runnin to catch a bus down the street had at least five ghosts around him. I guessed he was spiritually-retarded. I was completly oblivious of the conversation Nick and Jules were having over the phone downstairs. I sighed, and sat on the windowsill, tucking my knees up beneath my chin.

The End

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