Back At The Hill

This isn't fair, I thought angrily as I stumbled behind Nick, Julianna, Jerry and another new girl Ami. This isn't fair that I keep getting stared at and the others do too. I wish that everything would just stop!

And within 1 week, it did. Well...most of it.

Julianna was a little angry at Nick, because she thought Nick liked Ami. On the other hand, I think Ami liked Nick. I kept getting bad stares from this boy in my English class called Ethan, who Jerry told me didn't really like Ally before she died. And because Jerry was still mourning, it was my shoulder he had to cry on. But I didn't mind, I liked being around him, did I just think that?

Did I just think that I liked Jerry? I'd only known him a week. That's pathetic.

I'll leave it alone for a while. Just not think about it. But he's the one who calls me when he's upset to talk to, so I can't just run away from him. I'm strangely drawn to him like a magnet, that a bad thing?

During the weekend I stayed inside, apart from on Sunday night when I went back to my hill, only to see Jerry leant up against the wall of the windmill. He wasn't crying, but his face looked very melancholy and distraught.

"Jerry?" he turned his head to look at me as I sat down next to him. "Oh yeah, you do come here don't you. I saw you here the first time I met you." he nodded, looking down.

"I just can't stop thinking about her." he mumbled quietly, I tapped his shoulder so he turned his head up at me, shifting towards him and staring into his deep, sorrow eyes and whispered softly:

"You know, sometimes you hold on...when you really just need to let go."

The End

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