Later that night Nick rang. I knew I didn't sound friendly when I answered the phone but to be completely honest I didn't care all that much. I felt angry and betrayed. He picked up on it straight away,

"You don't sound ok, anything wrong?"

"Not at all,im fine," I replied, my voice biting with sarcasm, "why dont you ask your new girlfriend how she is?"

He paused then, before trying to explain it all to me. To put it short, he expected me to believe some elaborate story about how Ami was actually Jade. I was angry at first for him saying this. Why not just tell me the truth, why bother concocting such a tall tale after just two days of us going out? But those same angry thoughts were the ones that led me to think that perhaps it was true. Afterall, he had said just after her death that he was seeing Jade's ghost and like I said: why would he lie to me like this?

I tried to ignore the fuzzy feelings in my stomach that begged me to believe him, as he told me he loved me, and hung up after saying I'd wait til I could see her in person.

I lay in bed that night battling with emotions, Jealousy underlay every thought like a bitter taste in my mouth. But at the same time I couldn't help but replay those words in my head:

I only love you juli...

Maybe he was telling the truth, I would have to see how things went tomorow....


The End

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