A change of julis' mood

after school i brought ami(jade)with me to my house.I told my mum about it,told her it definetaly was not a girlfriend so she had nothing to worry about.Ami thanked me,i thought i heard a sound at the door.i went to it.no-one was there.i wondered if someone had run away from the door.

i rang juli later."hey jules,how are ye?her voice came back over the line,she sounded angry,bitter and annoyed."im ok"she said."you dont sound ok,is anything wrong?"i replied."not at all,im fine,why dont you ask your new girlfriend how she is?"i was puzzled by this."wha.what do you mean?you are my girlfriend." "i came by your house today,heard you and the new girl inside,i heard you were letting her stay at your house,that sounds pretty much like she is your new girlfriend to me." "no.no.no.thats not at all whats happening.She is a new student.has no house to stay right now.She is finding somewhere to stay..."i hesitated"you see,ami,is jade,she possesed that body becasue its spirit left when it was at a hospital.i only love you juli,surely you know that?i would never have an affair on you,especially after 2 days!"

"oh,i didnt quite expect that,are you sure it is jade?" "absolutely,her eyes are the same,she sounds similar,and she told me herself" "i wont really be sure until i see her adn talk to her.ill see you tomorow."

The End

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