She's what?!

There was another new girl in school the next day. Her name was something french I think. I must admit I was a little jealous, she was like a prettier version of me: dark hair (better styled than mine) pale skin (it only made her hair stand out more) and fuller, redder lips. I sighed as she entered the classroom and took the empty seat next to Ethan. Ethan I thought, well atleast she shouldn't end up in our friendship group. I hated myself for the way my thoughts were wasn't like me to be so jealous. I told myself I was being ridiculous and when she next looked up from her seat I flashed her a friendly smile.

Her eyes are nowhere near as nice as mine.

Then it happened. She got moved. Next to Nick. I fidgetted in my seat for alot of the lesson, waiting til the bell rang and I could state my claim on him.

Why was I feeling so possesive?

It wasn't as though Nick and I had been together for long: not even a week. But I guess I was scared. Scared to end up like Jerry. Scared that Nick would fall for her so much harder than he had for me. Scared that she would be interested in him too....

I shook my head furiously, telling myself yet again that I was being ridiculous.

I gave myself some space for the rest of the day. I needed time to think, afterall, Nick would only panic if he knew how paranoid I was feeling after only two days together. After School, when I had calmed down, I decided to go to his and surprise him. I figured he'd like some company; even better if its mine, I giggled as I approached his doorstep.

My face fell when through an open window I heard a familiar voice through the open kitchen window. What was she doing here? My heart sped as I let my finger hover over the doorbell and strained my ears for any snippet of conversation I could catch.

"I can't tell you how grateful I am, really Nick...thanks for letting me stay."

My heart fell like a lead weight.

She was what?!

The End

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