The return of jade...sort of.

When i went in home after seeing ellie move in to the same neighborhood as me,i wondered,could things get any stranger?I suddenly felt weary and tired and went to bed.I woke about 2 hours later for dinner and to do my homework.It was geometry.One of my least favorite parts of maths otehr than algebra.

The next day in school a new student came to my class.ami de feu is her name.she sat next to ethan,i felt sorry for her,first day,and had to sit next to ethan.then the teacher moved her next to me.i looked at her for a second then went back to work.My eyes shot up again.those eyes.they looked familiar.then she whispered"My name means 'friend of fire'. appropriate, don't you think? My old body was full of fire."i was speachless.jade has returned!all i could say was "jade?".

we talked the rest of the class.she told me that she had found this body in a hospital and its spirit had just left.i felt glad that she was back,and proud that in doing so she had saved an orphans life.well sort of,as she was going to be living it.She told me that for the moment she had nowhere to stay.I offered to let her stay in the guest bedroom of my house until she found somewhere.She accepted thankfully and said that straight after school she would look around for a place.

She then asked,what about that place in your neighborhood that was for sale?i told her ellie had just moved in there.She also told me to make sure i only called her ami for risk of being found out.

The End

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