A day not quite so gloomy

The next day at school was strange. Not strange in a particularly good or bad way, just...different. There was this new girl see and, well for a moment I thought Ally was alive and walking straight back into our lives.

Until I took a second look.

Her name was Ellie, Nick introduced us as he had met her whilst waiting for me, and she was like Ally's double. She sat with us in some of our classes, on the one hand I didn't blame her, I mean even from a second hand point of veiw the stares were becoming insufferable. But on the other hand I hated her for it. I mean there we all were, just begining to get on with our lives after the death of a close friend, and a person who looks just like her walks right into our friendship group! I felt sorry for Jerry mostly...

There was an assembly...of course. A detective came to invite anyone who knew anything about Ally's death to come foward and speak to him. I wasn't sure if I could do it. In the end I think Jerry did.

Depite all of this though... I was happy. I almost felt bad for being happy with all of this going on around me, but I was.

I don't know what it was. Maybe it was finally getting out of the house and back to school, maybe it was knowing something was being done about the injustice of Ally's murder...

Or maybe it was simply the comforting warmth of Nick's hand around mine.

The End

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