New Body, Same Memories

I sighed, and floated up, and sat on the top of the schooll building, watching the students. I missed talking to my friends properly, them not being able to see me. It seemed as if no one knew I had died. I zoomed into the sky, and down again, to hover behind a girl who promptly walked through me. If i was human, I would have screamed. This girl looked exactly like Ally.

I went to a near hospital. I saw a girl dying. She  was beautiful. She had soft blue eyes, black hair, very pale skin, and lush red lips. She was almost dead. I went into her room. I saw her spirit wriggle out of her. I gestured down. "May I?" I asked her.

"Good riddance!" she said, and dissapeared. I laid down flat in her body, and felt her mind connecting, arms twitching.

I let my eyes flicker open. I groaned. I looked through the memories quickly. This girl was called Ami De Feu. She was an orphan. She had been found on the streets after collapsing. I sat up. My own memories of Jade stayed in my mine. Yes! I had been dehydrated. I took a long drink of water, and found some joggers and a vest top. I pulled them on, and smiled. I brushed my long hairs, and tied it back into a pony tail, and jogged out from the hospital, taking some water, food, and the purse I had aquired from the jogger pocket. It held just about fifty pounds. I grinned, and walked to the nearest clothing shop. I came out a while later wearing a purple t-shirt, blue jeans and white trainers. I bought a small bag and walked out of town, and towards'

I walked into reception. "Hi, I'm supposed to be starting here today?" I sid sweetly. I realized my vice was almost the same to the old one. The receptionist gave me my books, and I put them into the bag. One lesson left, and no where to live. Damn. I checked the timetable. I had most of my lessons with Nick, Jerry and Jules. What could I tell them? 'Hi guys, its Jade! Y'know, your friend who died? Yeahm I took someone elses body!' No, that wouldn't work. I walked into the last lesson. I looked round. Everyone was either staring at me, or at the girl who looked like Ally. I gulped. "' I am Ami De Feu. I am new here today." I told them. I had a slightly French accent. I smiled, and dropped into the only empty seat; next to Ethan. I gulped, and grinned to myself. I no longer loved him. Yes!!!!!

I took out my books, and smiled softly. "Ethan, do you have a pencil I could borrow?" I asked softly. I realised my mistake. He looked at me in surprise, and handed me a pen. I checked myself in a little mirror. My eyes were green. The exact same green as my old body had. I thanked the gods for this. Maybe someone would recognize me. The teacher glanced up. "Ami, this informs us that you have a slight sight problem. Do you have any glasses?" he said. I shook my head slightly.

The teacher told me to move. I ended up sitting next to Nick. He smiled at me, then looked back down at his work. He took a double take, nd looked back up. I gave a giggle. I whispered in his ear, "My name means 'friend of fire'. Opppropriate, don't you think? My old body was full of fire." Nick stared into my eyes.

"Jade?" he said softly.

The End

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