a surprise assembly.

after our class with ellie we were all told to go to assembly hall.When we were all gathered there the place was crowded and noisy.

Then a man came up to the stage area where the speakers always go at assembly.He looked kind of nervous and i saw a bead of sweat trickle down his forhead.

"good morning" he started,then He told us that he was investigating allys murder and if anyone had anything to say to come to him alone.

I noticed at break that stares at ellie were getting more intense and then she didnt come to next class,probably to get away from the stares.Jerry was also not in classes for a while but then he came back,he told me ellie had gone home but had found him in a corridor first.She had talked to him and introduced herself.he told me the rest then as the day drew to a close we left to go home.

When i got home i noticed that the for sale sign on the house down the road was gone.Then i saw ellie go inside,i thought that this was just too much of a coinsidence.firstly she comes just after allys death,looks the same,has same classes,and now moves into the same neighborhood.

The End

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