Meeting Jerry

After having lunch with Nick and some of his friends, I was quite happily. That was until the stares got worse so I decided to ditch maths to be alone from everything. 

Walking through the silent corridors, tiptoeing all the way, I began to here sobbing around the corner. I stopped and listened.

"Oh Ally, I miss you." a boy's voice sobbed, a familiar voice in fact. I turned the corner to see the boy I saw on the hill sat on the floor, leant up against a wall with his head in his hands. I hesitated, noticing that he was unaware of my presence, then sat down next to him, curling into a ball and fiddling with my fingerless gloves.

"'s probably nothing to do with me but...are you okay?" his head popped up quickly like a meerkat, and he wiped his tears away and sniffed, stiffening his shoulders and trying to be brave. But then he sighed and just stared at me again, bemused by my face. I groaned. "Everyone is doing that! Why do you all keep staring at me?! Why?!" I said angrily. 

He shook his head and looked down."You look so much like a girl I used to know..." he mused, tears welling up in his eyes again.

"Let me guess. Her name's Ally right? Ally Prior? She was murdered wasn't she?" He nodded and looked away. "I'm Ellie by the way." I changed the subject, attempting to cheer him up from his depressed state. 

"Jerry." He nodded at me, lifting his two first fingers to his head in solute. 

"I'm really sorry about the loss, Jerry." I whispered, staring into his deep, sad eyes. He looked back at mine and whispered uneasily:

"So am I."


The End

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