Julliana answers.

That night after jerry told me about the new girl i sat on the couch watching tv and thinking about how alike the new girl might look.I knew i might find out the next day in school.Then the phone rang.I got tehre on the 3rd ring."hello?"."hi,nick,it's me juli...I've been thinking,about what you said and...and i have decided that maybe we could give it a go."In my head i was screaming Yeeeeeeeeeees."thank you,So i'll see you in school tomorow?"of course.

The next day i sat at the steps of the building my first class was in.I waited for julliana or jerry to show up.Then i saw her,ellie,i realised jerry wasn't lying,she was the split image of ally.All i could do was stare open mouthed.i noticed nearly every kid who knew ally stared,even ethan.I saw that she was getting uncomfortable with all the stares.i finaly stopped staring and introduced myself.I told her that all the stares were because she looked exactly like the girl who died a few days ago.

She asked me if the stares would ever stopped.I tod her that they would eventually,it's just hard for people to think someone new in town would come just at the same time a girl who looked the same had died.then julliana arived.I had forgoten to tell her about ellie.She looked gobsmacked."Ally?i thought you died.I told her that this was a new girl ellie,she only looked like ally,she wasn't actually ally.

Then the bell rang.i saw jerry by the gate running in to be on time.I held julis hand and walked to class.Ellie sat with me,juli and jerry.It seemed the only seat she felt comfortable at since she didnt know anyone else.We wispered between us and got to know ellie a bit more.

The End

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