He loves me...

I couldn't help but think that love was a rather strong word. Especially since we weren't actually together. Then again...I thought of Jerry and how, even though she kept pushing him away, his love for Ally was never doubted.

Maybe Nick does love me.

I sat in my back garden, perched on my favourite step, thinking about those words. Why I had even needed time to decide was beyond me. Afterall, just days ago I had practically been begging fate for this. But now it was infront of me, I couldn't help but feel it was disrespectful. Ally and Jerry had been torn apart so very recently, would seeing Nick and I together make Jerry miss her even more? I shook my head vigourously, hoping that the motion would maybe shake away the confusion I was feeling.

It didn't.

One thing did come to the front of my mind though. I remembered something my Dad had told me when I was younger:

"Juli," he had begun, "your mother is going to scold me for telling you this at such a young age but, its something I think you should know. You see I passed off a lot of chances at happiness when I was young, but...." he sighed, "look, the point I'm trying to make is this: if love comes to you, don't you ever let it slip away." I had been confused at the time, still small enough to sit on my dad's lap, I had nodded, but never really understood what I was agreeing to...

Until now.

I fished my phone from in my pocket and dialled Nick's number.

The End

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