Stop Looking At Me! Am I Really That Special?! No

"Have a nice day in school hunny." Mom kissed me happily on the head and I groaned.

New school. New town. New friends. And a new girl. 

Ha, what a good mix. 

I drove to school impatiently, just wanting to get there and get it all over with. It was such a big school, and yet I still got a thousand stares off of people like 'are you lost?'. Pulling up and coming to a halt, I turned the key and listened to the splutter of my old, rusty exhaust pipe. Ignoring the sniggers, I got out of my car and speed-walked to pupil reception, some of the people even looked gobsmacked at me. Why? Why me? 

I pushed open the door to see a friendly looking woman sitting in a chair, hiding behind thick black-rimmed glasses. I approached the desk slowly and said, "Hello...i'm new here. My name is-"

"Eleanor Williams! I've heard a lot about you! You're Paul's daughter." she said with a grin. I hated being called Eleanor, it made me feel like my name was too posh. It didn't suit me. 

"Yes, I am. Do you know where I'm going? I'm a little lost." I admitted sheepishly. 

"Oh yes, I have everything ready for you right here." she pushed her chair back, bending down and opening a draw, there she took out a few sheets and showed them to me. "This is your map, this is your time table and this little booklet thats for every lesson, you must get your teachers to sign it." 

"What's my first lesson?" I asked. She lifted the timetable onto the top and pointed to Wednesday-week A.

"We're on week a at the moment, and we also have week b. So you just look at Wednesday and there it says English with Mrs. Brewer." She called slowly and loudly, acting as if I had special needs.

"Thanks." I smiled sarcastically and walked out of the reception, stopping and looking around to find the 'S' building. 

Then, shoving the map in my bag, I walked towards it and up the stairs where a boy with brown hair gawked at me. Oh great, another open-mouthed stare. 

The End

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