The new girl in town

The days after ally died where a blur.Jade came to tell me that ally had left the world not wanting to stay.she also said not to let the police know it was ethan but to keep it quiet,She told me to tell julliana all this.I went to julliana's house,and gave her the news.

I stayed at her house for a while.I knew it was totally the wrong time but i felt that i had to tell er how i felt about her.i thought maybe we could get through this time together.So as we sat there pretty much silent i said "julliana,there is something i have been meaning to tell you.Over the past few weeks i realised that i love you.I was thinking that these hard times would be a bit easier if we were together."After that i left her to make her mind up and take in what i had just said.

the next day jerry came to me.He asked me if i had heard about the new girl in town,ellie.I said no.He said,well its kinda weird but she looks almost exactly like ally.I accidentaly called her ally and for a second there was recognition in her eyes.Do you think it is possible that it is ally in a new form?i told him that since i had seen a ghost and talked to one anything could be possible.

The End

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