Ellie Williams

I snuggled into my scarf, it covering the bottom half of my face and my hat covering the top half of my forehead. I sat at the top of my favourite hill, my hill. The one I found yesterday. The one no-one went to apart from a boy who appeared only a few hours ago. 

I sat leant against the brick wall of the windmill, my windmill, continuously rubbing my hands together and staring up at the stars.

Suddenly a scream broke out.

"GIVE HER BACK TO ME, YOU GIVE HER BACK RIGHT NOW!" It yelled on and on with loud sobs. It was the boy. 

I stood up like a shot, and listened again only to hear more terrifying screams. Not screams of fear, but sadness. A man pulled up and opened his car door, running out yelling "Oi!" he was fine. He would be taken care of. 

I breathed a sigh of relief and charged down the hill towards them, coming to a stop a metre away from them. "Is everything alright? I heard some screaming..." I asked them, the boy stared at me open mouthed, wiping his eyes. I stared back in confusion. 

"Everything is fine miss, you can go." The man nodded politely with a smile, but the boy continuously stared. 

"Do I have something on my face?" I pointed to my cheek. He shook his head  and slowly walked towards me, his eyes extremely red and sore. He squinted, shaking his head and looking back at me again.

"You-you...Ally?!" he stuttered.

"My name's Ellie. I'm Ellie, not Ally." 

"But you look just like her-" The man walked up behind the boy, placing his hand on his back.

"Everything is perfectly fine now miss. You're free to go." I hesitated before nodding and smiling, snuggling up in my scarf again and starting to walk back up the hill towards the windmill. 

I turned and looked at him to see him still staring at me, then with a confused smile, turned and carried on walking.

Ally. Why was that name so familiar? Ally...Ally Prior? The one that was murdered?Ally Prior was the girl who was murdered. When I first moved here yesterday I heard it on the news, she was slit in the throat at a subway station. 

What a great place we decided to move to.

The End

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