The night that I died, I think that I had seen everything. 

I watched Jerry scream and cry, he would even call my name in the night and wake up to me not being there. It was horrifying and I couldn't bare to be around any more as a person, let alone as a soul. 

I'd been watching detectives trying to puzzle the broken pieces, examining my body and looking for clues. But they had no idea that it was Ethan that killed me, no-one did. Apart from my teacher. 

The night after I died, I went to see Jade. I told her I was happy just dying under the ground where I belonged and I didn't want to be a floating soul that would drift away and disappear. 

"What? No! Please! I'll never see you again! Don't leave me alone!" She plead. 

"My parents are burying me tomorrow, I have to go." I hugged her, "Tell Jerry I love him very much okay? And don't tell anyone who killed me, they need to fix the pieces themselves and Ethan could be after you if you tell anyone. So shh," I smiled and kissed her cheeks then returned to my body, where I belonged.


The End

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