My Poor Friends

I drifted back from visiting Ally and Jerry to find Julilia gone, and Nick asleep. "Oh, my poor friends. First me, then Ally. This is torture for them." I whispered to myself. I sat, watching Nick sleep. I sighed, and wiped away his drying tears with a tissue. His eyes were red and puffy, and  his cheeks were red from him rubbing away his tears. I stroked his cheek softly. I was going to help him get revenge on Ethan, nd if he didn't do it, then I would do it alone.

I didn't want to move on. I wanted to stay here forever, guarding my friends, and helping them with any problems they might face. Something glowed behind me. A boy was stood there. My old love, who lay rotting in his grave. "Come. Come over, sweet Jade." He whispered, beckoning me to him. I shook my head. "I want to remain on earth, until my friends are all happy." He scowled at me, and dissappered. Nick woke, and smiled softly to me. I nodded, and laid myself in a chair. "Heh. I guess ghosts have to sleep too sometimes." laughed Nick softly. He laid down again, and closed his eyes. I smiled, and closed my own.

The End

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