1Stain+1laugh=murder and heartbreak

i was barely over jades death when i heard of allys murder.mur.. i thought,jade saw it coming,Why oh why was i so blind.I first found out ally was dead when julliana came to me,collapsing in my arms.she told me ally had been killed.then jade whispered in my ear.ethan is a murderer.I felt anger coursing through my veins.we had to gte revenge.jade also told me ally was still earth bound.the sooner we learn her purpose to stay the better.

jerry definetaly will be ready to get revenge,if he isn't to upset to do anything at all.i myself curled up into a little ball in my room and cried like iv'e never cried before.first jade then ally,when would it ever stop.all because of some stupid purple stain.no reason at all that a little stain and a laugh shoudl make someone hate enough to kill.jades spirit kept me company most of the time,drifting off every now and then to check on the others.I retreated into myself and without knowing it,i fell asleep.

The End

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