Staying and Leaving

I touched the shoulder of Ally's soul. She hugged me. I pointed to Jerry. "Stay with him. He will be able to see both you and me if we are near, but no one else will. Stick with him. I'm going to watch over Nick. He can see me since he saw me die." I told her. She nodded.

I quickly looked at Jerry for a moment. Both Yin and Yang were tied round his neck now. I shook my head sadly, and floated off. I saw Julilia fall into Nick's arms as he opened the door. He held her. I floated down. He told her I was there. She looked up through blurry tears. "Jade?" she choked. I noticed she was still wearing the charm bracelet. I smiled, and stood beside them.

"Ethan is a murderer." I whispered into Nick's ear. He gave a growl. He clenched his fist. "Jade said that Ethan is a murderer. And that she misses us. Ally's soul is bound to earth, and so's she, and Ally is watching over Jerry." he told Julilia. She cried into his shirt.

The End

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