Gone? - Jerry

"I'm sorry, lad, but, she's gone."
I standing at the door, talking to a police officer.
Ally, gone?
"Is this a joke? What's going on?"
"No, I'm really sorry. We found her in a tube station. She's been stabbed. Her parents told us you were a really close friend."
I took a deep breath in, and let it out in shuddering gasps.
"But, I... I promised to her though!" I start to incoherently babble about my promise to her.
"I know, lad, I know..."
Obviously he doesn't.
My tears start to roll down my face, slowly at first, and I wipe them away. But soon they are falling thick and fast, and I just let them.
"There there, lad, it's ok" He says, even though it blatantly isn't alright.
She can't be gone. No. But the police officer in front of me wouldn't lie. I open my mouth to reply, but all that comes out is a massive sob. More sobs.
I start to really let myself go with the crying.
I fall to my knees and just scream. I beat the ground with my hands.
"NO!" I scream, my throat burning.
I start to sob again. The police officer doesn't really know what to do at this point.
He goes to touch my shoulder.
"Come on lad." He picks me up, and takes me inside. He sits me down on the sofa. I flop sideways, and start to cry again. He gives a tiny sigh, grabs a chair and sits down next to the sofa. I don't care if he is there or not though. I retreat inside myself. where I can create worlds where Ally is still alive, and with me. We wander through a feild of flowers, holding hands. My mind loses control, and I fall into unconsciousness

The End

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