You Promised...

When someone dies, shock comes to you first. You don't think it actually happened when it did. Next comes anger and frustration, because you think it was your fault. But then comes mourning, and all the sadness and black appears out of thin air. 

Nick gave me and Jerry a necklace with Yin and Yang on so I didn't feel as alone any more. But I still didn't believe all of this. Today was to much of a blurry mess to believe it anyway. 

That day, I was on my way to my dad's on the tube, and it was quite a journey. But by the time I got there, I realised I had school work to give in, so I went back to school and to my science class, tiredly giving in my work to the teacher and running off. Dad would be wondering where I am.

It was getting late, well, it was late already. The sky had fallen black but the stars were hidden by a deep fog. I sat at the empty station, occasionally looking over at a boy in a hood who was walking towards me. I eyed him cautiously, and watched his converses squeak at the floor on every step. 

He approached me and yanked me out of my seat, making me drop my bag and scream in fear. His hood had fallen and now all I could see was Ethan, a knife in the opposite hand that was pulling at my collar at my throat. His eyes were wide with anger, and he breathed so heavily along with me. 

Suddenly it all fell silent. And the knife was out my throat. I looked up at Ethan in fear and breathed, "Please, you don't understand! I didn't do anything wrong! You can hold a grudge against me, do anything, but please just don't kill me. I'm begging you." Tears fell quickly down my cheeks as I watched Ethan's wondering eyes. 

"STOP!" Someone screamed, but it was already too late.

I turned to see the person who screamed standing far behind me, but when I turned to see the knife slit at my throat, and I fell to the floor dead; Ethan's shoes squeaking becoming fader and fader. 

My soul gently left my body and stood there, next to Jerry like it was dream. Like it hadn't happened yet.

I watched my dead body, and everything had just stopped. Watching the blood poor out of me was very disturbing, and I couldn't bare to look. Jerry stood beside me, his hand around mine. He promised me. He promised I wouldn't get hurt. I told him it would be broken, but he didn't listen...

The End

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