Goodbye and good luck.

i was startled when i heard the phone ring.It was jade,she didn't sound too good.she told me to come to her place for a key for ethans house,a silver charm bracelet for julliana,and double yin yang necklaces for ally and jerry.I asked why she was asking me to give them to the others.She told me whe wouldn't be in school.

so i ran as fast as i could to her house.I stopped at the door to catch my breath then knocked.Jades mum answered.She let me in and i went upstairs.she gave me the charm,and necklaces and her lucky charm she gave to me.she also gave me the key.Her mum came in.Jade said bye mum.Then she closed her eyes and looked peaceful.

i checked for a heartbeat or a pulse.nothing,she had died.her mum was silent for a moment.then she screamed and cried.I i went out the door i felt a spiritual presence.I realised jades spirit was with me.i whispered"i know your close jade,i can feel you.i ran home.

the next day in school julliana waved at me but i didn't wave back.i went half way up the steps."jade is dead.i saw her die myself.she died in her own room,while i went to visit her.I repeat JADE IS DEAD"the last part louder so ethan would hear as he passed.I looked towards him and he gave a big shudder. now there were whispers going on in all the groups of people.

i gave julliana the bracelet.i told ally and jerry that jade is dead.They were smiling before i told them that,now their faces were grim.i gave them the yin and yang necklaces.Ally said"she can't be dead.I talked to her on the phone yesterday."i told her i was there.i also have a key to ethans house.jade gave it to me i told them.

in class marks started apearing on my arrow towards ethan.a knife and an arrow to ally.i didn't know what it meant.then a word started to apear.M U R...the teacher spotted the marks and wiped them away.what was she writing i wondered.i knew it was obviously jade.then her spirit threw a duster at the teacher.she left ther room.Then she wrote jade is here on the board.Then she went out window,rubbed herself in flowers and came back.we coudl all see her outline then.the teacher said we shoudl now beleive in ghosts.Then jade turned ghostbusters theme on.What a laugh.

i felt guilty then,it may have been jades spirit,but she was still DEAD.her funeral had been arranged quite quickly and so was planned for tomorow.We all went to it,listened adn said a few words.I didnt eat much at the after party.i did notice that some food mysteriously disapeared.I didnt think ghosts could eat,but then,wsince when did i know about ghosts?i wonder what jade was feelign to be at her own funeral,see her motehr say words,cry,to see her coffin being buried.I dont think anyone shoudl have to see all that.Not when it is their own.

The End

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