I got frustrated half way through the lesson, so I picked up the board rubbed and threw it at the teacher. It hit the back of the head, and I giggled. "Who threw that?!?!" shouted the teacher, whipping round. Everyone looked up from their work. The techer grumbled, and walked out. I giggled with the others as I looked at the white mark on the back of her head. I drifted over to Ethn, and whispered in his ear. "Murderer, murderer, murderer...." over and over. He shivered, and touched his hip. I sighed. I touched his hand. "Jade?" he whispered in the murmur of the room. I knocked on his desk twice. He looked up to the ceiling. I ran my fingers over his cheeks and throat.

I shuddered, and curled up a little in his chair. Jerry and Ally were whispering together. I smiled, and took thier pendants, clicking them together. "It's Jade. I betcha it is." whispered Jerry. I drew a smiley face on the table, and whispered in Jerry's ear. "Under the table. Give it to Ally. Say its from you." Jerry jumped slightly, then glnced under the table. He picked up the white rose I had placed there. He gave it to her.

I went to the board, and picked up a pen. People gasped and shouted. JADE IS HERE, I put. Before I could put on about Ethan, the teacher came back in. I grinned. A few flowers grew outside the window. I went outside, and rubbed myself in them, covering myself in pollen. I went back in, and people shouted as they saw my fague shape. I went round, touching my friends foreheads. I stopped by Ethan. I pulled the chair back, and sat down. The teacher ajusted her glasses.

"Well, this tells us that there is such thing as ghosts." se said to the class. They nodded and agreed. I got up, and just for a joke, put the ghostbuster theme song on the computer. Evryone laughed. I st back next to Ethan. I lifted the hem of his t-shirt, and wiggled the handleof the knife. He pulled his t'shirt down, and stormed out of the classroom.

The End

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