Leaving, Running, Finding

Ethan left to get something to eat. I ran as fast as I could out of the hospital. i hauled a taxi, and asked for my house. We got there in about ten minutes. I ran strait up the stairs. I grabbed my phone, and dialed Ally's number.


"Ally, its Jade. Look, I know you most likely hate me, but I'm just warning you. I love Ethan, but he's just using me to get info on you. I've just ran out the hospital, grabbed that taaxi and rang you as soon as I got in. Ethan's planning something. Soething big, and I think it involves you and Jerry. Please, please, stay safe."

"Uh...wow Jade. You do care. And we will. Keep playing the cards on Ethan."

"Ok, and good luck on you date. You're a lucky girl. I've know Joker for 5 years. You have good taste. Bye."

I giggled, and groaned. I laided down, breathing heavily. The phone rang. "Jade? Are you at home?" came Ethan's voice.

"Yeah, I'm feeling fine now. I've got to go. Bye."

I hung up quickly, then gasped in pain. I gripped my heart. I rang Nick.

"Ugh....Nick? I don't have much time....I have an extra key to Ethan's place. He gave it to me, incase I needed to get to him fast. I need you to come and get it. Tell Julilia that I'm giving her my silver charm bracelet. Tell Jerry and Ally that I'm giving my double yin yang necklaces to them. Tell Ethan...tell him that he used me, and now its too late." I sid hurriedly.

"Ok, but why?"

"Because I won't be at school, and you need them now. Quick. Bye."

I tensed my muscles.  Nick only lived a couple of streets away. A nock on the door a few moments later. "Jade, Nick's here." said my mum. I nodded. She closed the door s Nick slipped in. I pushed the key, necklaces and bracelet into his hand. I winced, and gave him a quick hug. I tied my lucky charm round his neck. An obsidian star. "Obsidian wards off evil and bad aura. Should keep Ethan at bay." I smiled.

My mum came in. I took Nick's hand for a moment, and glanced at my mum. "Bye mum." I whispered with a smile. I closed my eyes, and felt my soul slip away from my body.

I watched down at my body. Nick put the tings down, and touched my heart. He gasped, and turned to my mum. She let out a scream, then a cry. "I have to go." said Nick. I followed him out of the house, leaving my body behind.

"I know your close Jade. I can feel you." He whispered as he walked. I put my hand on his shoulder, and walked with him. He shivered. He ran, ran to find Julilia. I sighed. I was bound to the earth, till everything was set right, or at least, till Ally and Jerry were safe.

The End

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