The last few days.

the last few days have been eventful with good and bad things.

after the restaurant i went home,felling angry at ethan for making ally feel so bad.She is my friend and i dont think anyone deserves to be treated that way.

The next day jerry came to me asking advice,he told me he and ally had kissed last night and she had told him she was willing to give it all a go.I told him that now they were both willing it would be easier now to ask her out on a date on their own.I suggested a restaurant.

He also told me that ally had told him what ethan said.He told me he asked where ally was going,she answered goign to the toilet,then he told her to drown herself in it.I could not beleive he had said that.

Th enext day in english class i talked to jerry while ally talked to juliana.i noticed that jade seemed if she was a friend but at the same time not a friend.Then out of teh blue she shouted at ethan.I knew something wasn't right then.After class we heard that jade had gone to the medic room and gotten injured.She was taken away in an ambulance and it looked like she had hit her head really bad.

I worried for her,then i heard that she was going to need heart surgery,i couldn't beleive it,What would she need heart surgery for when it was her head that was hurt.I found out she was poisoned.My first thought was ethan.But then i found it,the note,written by jade all about jerry and ally.I walked julliana into a room,Told her i wasn't goign to kiss her when i noticed thats what she thought we were here for.

I showed her the note,we ran to jerry and ally and showed them.They were shocked.Then they said they had to go out for their date,i said bye.I went to visit jade in the hospital with julliana.Jade came out,she looked liek she was i pain.She told us she loved ethan but then found out he was just using her for the notes.She thought he had something planned,something big.She asked us to forgive her.Then she said she still loved ethan.

I told her we could help her get over ethan.She thanked us and left.

The End

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