January 16th

"You need some food, Ally. You haven't eaten all day." Me and Jerry sat in the restaurant, I had a plate of food in front of me that was completely untouched. 

I just couldn't eat with all of this weight being put on me. It was too heavy, and slowly and gradually, I would be crushed. Luckily I was paying for my food and he was paying for his, otherwise if he was paying I would have eaten it to be polite.

"I can't." I whispered.

"Ally, this was supposed to be a nice time for me and you. Cheer up. Jade will be fine."

"It's not about Jade..." I shook my head and looked down at my drink.

"Then what-"

"It's Ethan," I interrupted. Jerry sighed and pushed away his food, leaning in towards me.

"I promised." He said, determined.

"Sometimes they can be broken easily." I replied.

"Not this one. I won't let him hurt you, Ally. He might be able to glare, but that's all he's getting. I won't let him make you feel like this. It's killing me too you know." I sipped at my drink and sighed. We didn't speak as I slowly began to eat my meal, giving up.

"What's the day today?" I asked after a few minutes of silence. 

"I think it's January 16th. Why?" 

"No reason. I just lost track of time." I mumbled.

"Me too." Jerry echoed. 

The drive home was slow...and rather quiet. We had too much on our minds to speak. About Ethan and Jade, and the note. Why would Jade write about us? It just didn't make sense! 

None of this did. 


The End

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