Jade's Notes - Jerry

Ally and I were just leaving the hospital, when Nick ran up to us, holding some paper in his hands.
"Guys!" He shouted. "Guys! You have to see this!"
"Nick? What is it?" Ally asked him. He just shook his head, and showed us the paper.
I noticed Jade's handwriting.
The peice was titled "Notes On Ally And Jerry"
My mouth fell open in shock. Someone was taking notes on us.
As I read through the seven pages of information she had picked up about us, I got increasingly more agitated.  The detail of the notes was incredible. She had even noted down things that I hadn't even noticed at the time. At the end of the last page, she had signed her name, and put three x's.
I looked up at Nick, shocked.
There was silence for a few seconds.
"But who were they for?" I asked.
Suddenly it hit me.
"You remember in English?" Nick said.
"Well, did anyone get the feeling that she was trying to hard, when she shouted at Ethan?"
We nodded. We understood.
"And he has been giving you really dirty looks, Ally. And he isn't really the biggest fan of you, Jerry"
"Didn't he get in the hospital truck thing with her?" I said
"Yes. Well this is brilliant." Nick said.
"I wonder what he was planning to do with them" Ally said.
I decided the atmosphere needed brightening up.
"Planning to STALK US!"
Ally gave a little smile.
"Well, anyway, we will ponder this later!" I said with gusto. "We mustn't let this interrupt our date together.
"To the restaurant!" I shouted and ran off, pretending that I was a horse.
Ally giggled and followed me.
"Thanks for showing us the notes and everything, Nick! Bye!" I shouted behind me.
As Ally and I galloped off childishly, we didn't mention the notes at all, even though they were heavy on our minds.
But still I wondered to myself, why would anyone write notes of such detail about two people?

The End

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