I was...right?

It all happened so fast:

A scream.

A rush of students.

And Jade was being wheeled away to an ambulance.

It almost made me feel guilty for my suspicions earlier that day. As if I had somehow caused this. I knew it was ridiculous, no matter how harmful a thought crossed some-one's mind, thoughts didn't cause someone to collapse. Afterall Ethan's stares hadn't done a thing to Ally.


We stood in the hallway, watching with throngs of curious students as Ethan entered the ambulance beside her and they were driven away.


It was at that moment the guilt for my suspicions left me. If anyone else had entered the ambulance with Jade I would have passed off my earlier feelings as paranoia. But suddenly they were renewed. I think deep down, there was a part in all of us that knew; if any of the rest of us had been in that ambulance, Ethan wouldn't have cared one bit.

Slowly the other students  began to lose interest, filtering back into the school as though only returning from lunch;  the only clue to what had passed were  the hushed conversations and fevered glances back at our group. Then something odd happened. As if somehow Jade's dissappearance was the right time to make his move, I felt Nick's hand on the small of my back, and before I knew it he was leading me away from everyone else and into an empty classroom.

"What's going on Nick? This isn't really the time..." I avoided looking at him, hoping that he had dragged me here for something else.

"Jules.." he reached a hand towards me, tilting my head so he was in full view, "I'm not going to kiss you." I was taken aback: It was the last thing I had expected him to say. A part of me relaxed when he said it; my heart slowed its frantic beating, the butterflies in my stomach stopped trying to break through to the outside world. But part of me was disappointed, almost as if I wished he had just kissed me...


I looked at him and managed a small smile, hoping he hadn't seen the confusion flitting over my face.

"So what are we here for Nick?" Even to me my voice sounded a little more unsure than normal.

Nick didn't answer, instead he pulled a rather crumpled peice of paper from his pocket and handed it to me, "Ethan dropped this on the way to the ambulance." I gave him a puzzled look before opening it...

I  immediately recognised Jade's hand-writing.



The End

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