Thank You...So Much

I woke at the hospital Ethan was sat in  chair beside me, but why? He was staring at someone. Not evilly, but not nicely. Just staring I looked, and saw Ally. She put a little tub of icecream and some flowers on my bedside. I gave a weak smile. She wished me well, and left.

I turned. "Thank you for coming with me. But why?" I asked Ethan shrugged, and gave a little smile. I lifted my hand, nd rested it on his. He pulled away. "I'm sorry. I'm so stupid. A perfect guy like you with a girl like me? Never happen. And...who's Laura?" Ethn didn't answer. I sat up a little, and pulled him into a hug. He buried his face into my neck. I felt his lips touch it. He let go of me.

"We need to run a few tests, and do some exrays. She may have slight memory lose, concusion from the bang of the head. We re still unsure of what caused her to fall, and if it is serious or not." Said a docter. He and another lifted me onto a wheelie bed, and began to wheel me out of the ward, and down the corridor.

"Yoou must stay here, lad." I heard one say. Ethn ws about to let go, but I shot my hand out, nd grabbed his. "No, please don't leave me." I whispered. Ethan gave a smile and kept trotting along side.

They did some tests and two exrays, and stood with Ethan. "Lad, we believe she had been poisoned somehow. We don't know how, but it'd making her heart skip beats, and the skips are becoming more frequant. We'd have to perform surgery on her heart to stop this." Ethan's jaw dropped. He gulped. He let his hand rest on my pilllow. "I want to stay during the surgery." he said. I smiled. I turned my head, and looked up at him. 

"No Ethan. You can't. Don't worry, I...argh!" I stopped. The docters began to shout, and they drove me down to the operating theatre. As I went in, a docter stopped Ethan going in. I heard him saying my name, while sobbing slightly. I passed out as they began. 

The End

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