Shoo!!!! No. Why you....

I could barely keep my eyes open as someone burt through the door. I heard ambulance sirens, and shouts of dismay and confusion as people watched the ambulance pull up. Someone lifted me onto the white streatcher.

"What re you doing in here? Shoo!" cried the nurse. I heard someone reply cooly, "No, my shoe is done up."

"Why you..." growled the nurse. I felt myself lifted, and listening to the people muttering. "Hey! Jade? Jade!" Familiar voices called my name. Nick and  Jerry, and others I didn't know. I bumbed as they lifted me into the ambulence. someone climbed in beside me. "Hey kid, you her brother or something?"

"No. I'm a friend. And I'm not getting out." the voice said firmly. I heard someone shout, "OI! Why are they letting Ethan go with her?" Then it muffled under the sound of the sirens and medics talking to each other. I felt a soft hand squeeze my own, then whisper, "Jade, you really are dumb sometimes. You didn't have to write freaking seven pages down. You didn't even have to get involved. But what's wrong with you know?"

I opened my eyes slightly, to see Ethan pulling away, and giving me a frown. "I wanted to be your friend, and I wanted to be involved. I just fell in too deep for me to handle. Dunno what's wrong with me." I said weakly. "Anyway, at least you got away from school. For a bit, anyway." I gave a small giggle. Ethan shook his head, and opened his mouth, ready to say something.

The End

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