So Stupid

I stopped and listened as I heard Ethan in the class room. I clutched my heart. It kept skipping beats. I wrote a note to Ethan.


I don't feel so well. I've gone to the medical room. I'm so sorry. I'm so stupid. I hope you won't think badly of me. Can't wait till tomorrow. Cancel tomorrow night. I'll slip the notes in with this letter. Bye

Jade x

I got out my notes on Jerry and Ally, and the notes I had just made, and pushed them under the door to Ethn. I walked away, and down to the medical room.

I sat down on the chair. The nurse checked me over. She turned,and said "It doesn't seem there's anything wrong....AHHHHHHH!" I fell to the ground in pain, hit my head, and the last thing I remember is the nurse shouting out in the corridors, then phoning the paramedics.

The End

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